At Clarke-Washington Electric Membership Corporation, we believe in educating future generations to understand the electric system and how it operates. This year, 144 teachers across Alabama and northwest Florida became students at the Empower Energy Education Workshop in June. Five educators from the Clarke-Washington EMC area were able to attend the workshop and become empowered about energy education.
The Empower Energy Education Workshop started in 2017 as a way for PowerSouth and its members, such as Clarke-Washington EMC, to promote a balanced approach to energy education in the classroom. PowerSouth partnered with the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) to empower teachers and provide them with the tools necessary to educate students about the electric industry. The workshop taught attendees about electric generation and distribution, with a focus on energy education.
“The Empower workshop had so many knowledgeable educators who were enthusiastic about teaching. To me, the educators were the most beneficial part. The hands-on activities and the energy kit were also very beneficial,” said Stacy Ferguson.
Attendees learned engaging ways to integrate energy and electrical education into their classrooms that is designed specifically for students in grades K-12. They also learned ways to present and teach electrical education by using fun and up-to-date resources and curriculum.
“I am taking back to my classroom a bag full of new tips and tricks to engage learners as well as some informational pieces and hands-on activities to go along with it. I teach English, but after this workshop and speaking with other ELA teachers, I see so many ways this can be incorporated into my curriculum,” said Xiomara Douglas.
During the workshop, teachers participated in many hands-on activities as well as breakout sessions. Two popular breakout sessions were the Energy Escape Room and Energy Enigma. The workshop also provided an opportunity for attendees to network with other teachers, learning from one another and building lifelong connections.
“As a cooperative, one of Clarke-Washington EMC’s founding principles is educating our members,” said Sarah Turner, communications specialist for Clarke-Washington EMC. “The Empower Workshop provides an opportunity to reach youth in ways we never imagined before by providing educators with the tools they need to present energy education in fun and exciting ways to their students.”
Clarke-Washington EMC looks forward to continuing to make a difference in energy education. If you would like to learn more about Empower, please contact Sarah Turner at Clarke Washington EMC at 251.246.9081 or via email: