interested in solar?

As your trusted energy advisor, the cooperative’s energy experts can help you decide if solar is right for your energy needs. From the size system you would need, to how the process works, we can advise you.

We’re here to help you understand how adding solar panels will affect your monthly electric bill. We can assist you with the interconnection process and any forms, rates, insurance and fees required. We’ll also explain how billing and metering works. We can also assist you in determining how many years it will take to recover your investment.

In most cases, you will still require electricity from the cooperative’s power grid, even if you install solar panels on your home. Remember that solar panels won’t provide all the power you need, especially on cloudy winter days and at night when the sun isn’t shining. Our energy experts can help you evaluate your home’s energy usage to decide if a rooftop solar installation is right for you.

Interested in solar? Contact the office today at 800-323-9081.