(L-R) Takeldrick Jackson, Gabe Lang and Taleigh Reed purchased to pur utilities from Clarke-Washington EMC Representative, Sarah Hansen, during the Your Money, Your Life live simulation.

On Thursday May 23, 2019, McIntosh High School students participated in the Your Money, Your Life program teaching them valuable lessons on real life finances.

Your Money, Your Life helps young people understand the financial responsibilities they will face when they earn a living in the real world. Students were randomly given jobs and a set amount of money, then challenged to pay for their expenses.

“I have presented this program in McIntosh to the 10th and 11th graders, as well as the FACS class at Washington County High School, and the students love participating in the live simulation. It presents them with real life scenarios and allows them the opportunity to think critically about their financial future,” said Stacy Ferguson, Washington County 4-H Agent Assistant.

Representatives from Clarke-Washington EMC and Tate & Lyle volunteered to help at different stations set up for the students.

This program is sponsored by the Washington County 4-H and challenges students to navigate through the financial hurdles of life such as paying a mortgage, buying a car and insurance, having a family, as well as the unexpected events that may occur.

Ferguson hopes to present this program to all 8th and 11th graders in Washington County during the next school year.